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The Jaz Inspired Fragrances for Men and Women and Essential Oils for use with our Diffusers mentioned throughout our website are simply a guide and in no way should be mistaken for the designer, high street, or niche brand.


Any names and copyrights that are used or unused belong to and are properties of their respective designers and manufacturers.


Our fragrances are simply inspired scents and smells that we recreated using similar ingredients. The are not identical replicas to any other fragrances or it’s original.


We have no affiliation with the manufacturers of these un-named designer brands and Jaz Inspired Fragrances is not to be confused with the originals.

All “Trademarks” used or unused are the property of their respective owners. We are not directly affiliated with, maintained, authorised, endorsed, or sponsored by any Trademark holder referenced or unreferenced anywhere.


Any product name used is only for reference and identification purposes and does not imply and association with the Trademark holder.

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